Lizards and Lies Game Launch!!!

After over a year of silence as I dove into my game design, PhD exams, and coursework, I am so happy to announce that Lizards and Lies (the board game started when I began looking at wargaming) is officially released for public download! For any unaware, Lizards and Lies (L&L) is a boardgame that allows…

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Gaming the Disinformation War: Design Processes and Thoughts

Many times I have heard the phrase, “Disinformation War” references the battle over information and truth online, this battle involves an array of actors that converge around the content we see on our news feed. However, framing disinformation as a war is misleading since the spread of fake news is not a set of battle grounds but rather a contest for visibility and virality within a network. I am working on a game to that reflects this point.

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