Master of Arts: Media Studies. Concordia University. (2020). Supervisor: Dr. Mia Consalvo.

Bachelor of Education: Primary/Junior. Nipissing University. (2018).

Honours Bachelor of Arts: Contemporary Studies. Wilfrid Laurier University. (2018).

Games/Creative Outputs

DeJong, S. (Ongoing). Disinformation War

DeJong, S., and Blamey, C. (Ongoing). The Market Game: Analog Processes. Scaling Liveness Research Project

DeJong, S. (2019) Reactile. MA Research Creation Game Project.

Lafontaine, C., DeJong, S., and Sawchuk, K. (2019). Sandra’s Keys: Serious Escape Room Around Older Adult Mistreatment. Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT project). Showcased in the 4th space at the B/old event in Montreal.

Journal Articles

Khalili-Mahani, N., De Schutter, B., Mirgholami, M., Holowka, E. M., Goodine, R., DeJong, S., McGaw, R., Meyer, S., & Sawchuk, K. (2020). For Whom the Games Toll: A Qualitative and Intergenerational Evaluation of What is Serious in Games for Older Adults. The Computer Games Journal, 9(2), 221–244.

Lafontaine, C., Sawchuk, K., and DeJong, S. (2020). “Social Justice Games: Building an Escape Room on Elder Abuse through Participatory Action Research”. The Computer Games Journal Special Issue: Igame (Intergenerational Gaming).

McKelvey, F., DeJong, S., & Frenzel, J. (2021). Memes, scenes and #ELXN2019s: How partisans make memes during elections. New Media & Society, 14614448211020690.

Book Chapters

Sawchuk, K., DeJong, S., Maude, G., (2020). “Faking Age?: Ageing and the Algorithmic Assemblage”. In Rambukkana, Nathan (Eds), Intersectional Automations: Robotics, AI, Algorithms, and Equity. Lexington University Press. Lanham, MD.

Policy Reports/Interventions

Sawchuk, K., Lafontaine, C., DeJong, S., and Brek, N. (2019). “Meeting the needs of all Canadians: Older adults, affordability and mobile, wireless services”. Submitted to the CRTC. Ageing Communication Technologies (ACT Project).

Sawchuk, K., Lafontaine, C., Besanger, K., Brek, N. and DeJong, S. (2018). “Listen to Vulnerable Consumers: Systemic Abuses in the Canadian Telecommunication Industry”. Submitted to the Ageing Communication Technologies (ACT Project).

Invited Talks

DeJong, S. (2020). “Decoding the Digital: Discussing online spaces through approachable analog games”. MICA Game Lab. Baltimore.

Lafontaine, C., DeJong, S., Israel, S., and Sawchuk, K. (2020) “An Escape Room on Older Adult Mistreatment” CREGES Research Talks.


Fraleigh, T. (2021). “The Game Makers Guide – Scott DeJong”. Three Kings Loot.


DeJong, S. (2020) “Fact Checking the Infodemic: Fake News, Myth, Misinformation and Disinformation”. Ageing Communication Technologies (ACT) Partnership Workshop

Guest Lectures

DeJong, S. (2021). “Serious Game Design and Critical Play: Steps for Success”. Concordia University.

Conference Presentations

DeJong, S., and Blamey, C. (2021). “Cocktails, Clients, and Class-Narratives in VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender and Red Strings Club.” International Conference on Narratives and Games.

DeJong, S., Kowalchuk, S., and McKelvey, F. (2021). “”Canadian Political Memes During COVID-19” Canadian Communication Association.

DeJong, S. (2020). “Political Memes During Covid-19” CSDC Research Slam. Virtual.

DeJong, S. (2020 – Cancelled due to COVID-19). “Moving Past Edutainment: Escape Games as a Subversive Inquiry Teaching Tool” Popular Culture Association.

DeJong, S. (2020 – Cancelled due to COVID-19). “‘Ok Boomer’: Digital Memes impact on understandings of age, generation, and ideology.” Canadian Popular Culture Association.

DeJong, S. (2020 – Cancelled due to COVID-19) “Designing Escape Games for Knowledge Dissemination and Qualitative Research Collection”. Canadian Game Studies Association.

DeJong, S. (2019). “Altered Play: How Ownership Changes Developed Exploitable Data Practices in League of Legends”, 14th Annual Communication Graduate Caucus Conference, Insidious.

DeJong, S. (2019). “Data-Manipulating Play: How Player Data can be used to Alter Play Patterns”, Canadian Game Studies Association

DeJong, S. (2019). “Designing an Analog Game on a Sensitive Issue”. TAG Microtalks.

DeJong, S. (2019). Sandra’s Keys: Building a Serious Escape Room Around Older Adult Mistreatment (Poster). GUSEGG Summer School.

DeJong, S., and Marscheussault, J., (2019) “Reframing Memory Lane: Using walking interviews to construct space and memory in games”. Lost in Pixelation: Methodology Swap

Sawchuk, K., Lafontaine, C., and DeJong, S. (2019). “Co-designing an escape room on elder abuse with older adults” Canadian Association of Gerontology.


SSHRC CGS-M (2018)

Other Outputs

DeJong, S., Lajeunesse, M., and Zanescu, A. (2021 – Ongoing). Humour and Games Podcast. Co-producers.

DeJong, S., and Marscheussault, J. (2019). Lost in Pixelation: Methodology Swap. Co-Organizers.