This website acts as a repository for my thoughts, projects and events. During my MA, I posted a series of blog posts that related to the questions I was exploring in the masters. Moving forward, this website will become a place to document my PhD work and research. The blog section will become reflective, discussing the concepts, ideas and questions that I come across as I explore relationships between play, digital literacy, misinformation, and game design.

I believe in making work as accessible as possible. If you need any more information on anything you come across here do not hesitate to reach out to me at:

Research Goal 1:

Evaluate how play acts as a site for knowledge creation for educational and methodological purposes.

Research Goal 2:

Develop an understanding of people’s response and relationship with disinformation

Research Goal 3:

Analyze the digital literacies that exist within different gaming communities and consider how they might be applied to learning spaces