I am a 2022-2023 Concordia Public Scholar, FRQSC funded Scholar, and PhD candidate in Communications at Concordia University. I previously completed a Bachelors of Education in Primary and Junior education as well as a MA in Media studies where I evaluated escape rooms as an inter-generational model for discussing digital issues related to media literacy (you can read the thesis here).

My current dissertation work is tentatively titled Playing with Misleading Content: Media Literacy Games, Fact-checking, and the Canadian Far Right. In this work I am studying how play relates to issues of information sharing and critical thinking. More specifically, my work asks how the skills and themes embedded in media literacy games relate to the fact-checking practices of far-right Canadian users online. This work contributes an overview of effectiveness of educational tools and critical thinking, a model and understanding of information sharing on Canadian far-right social media ecosystems, and foresite tools to help policy makers, educators, and journalists better connect with disinformation-vulnerable communities.

My work is driven by creative practice. I use play as a theory and method to offer new lenses on longstanding discussions. My past work has explored the questions of serious game design, intergenerational design, online disinformation, digital privacy, sharenting, Canadian partisan meme communities, and older adult mistreatment.

Feel free to reach me via email, twitter, or linkedin.